It is time everyone grew up

 Symonds indiscipline and its aftermath.
The rabid Australian press have attributed Symonds indiscipline to "monkey gate' and its aftermath. According to them, Symonds believes that by failing to support him to the hilt,the CA betrayed him. This, the Australian press say, made him disenchanted with the authorities.
One does not know where the truth lies. However, it is surprising to see a supposedly tough as nails sporting nation  accept one of their star players is 'precious' and just not there.
While accusations and counter accusations are flying thick and fast, Symonds, the man at the center, has requested for privacy and ducked the issue.It would have been better if he had made a honest statement and put to rest any false conjectures.

Instead it has set of a series of  sensational innuendoes. Both the press and the Australian players have been imputing uncalled for motives. Granted that Symonds indiscipline deserved censure, but its incomprehensible why his team mates and his acting captain had to rush to the press. To a disinterested watcher, it appears that the 'think tank' of the Australian team made a misjudgement and to thwart a backlash have run to the press.The press expectedly sensationalised it by casting doubts on Symonds mental strength.
This is where CA's handling of the whole issue comes in for praise. In response to his reported disenchantment with them, the CA issued a statement asking Symonds to grow up, which is exactly what everyone concerned should do.

The players, media and even to an extent CA should show restraint and not behave as if there ulterior motives behind every action.
Do you agree that everyone is behaving childishly?

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Blogger Straight Point said...

media has grown to insatiable giant and will lap up on every thing...to expect them to behave is like asking niranjan shah talk sense...

08/09/2008, 12:13  
Blogger Ottayan said...

In a way you are right Pan. The urge to talk is being utilized by the media for meeting their own ends.

08/09/2008, 12:49  

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