ICL makes a huge impact on Bangladesh Cricket

Our cricketing cousins in Bangladesh appear exercised over the talent drain to ICL. The impact can be judged by the number of ICL related threads that have choked the Bangladeshi cricket forums. It has escalated to such levels that the forum members are demanding a sub forum for ICL.


For ICL this must be heartening development as this is sure to garner them a couple of million viewers interested in the progress of the Dhaka Warriors. Irrespective of the merits or the demerits ICL has made a sound business acquisition.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great. Am happy to see another potential market for ICL. They need to slowly but surely chip into BCCI and polarise the cricket world so badly that BCCI and their cronies should have no option other than to recognise ICL.

23/09/2008, 12:55  
Blogger A Bisht said...

More than anything(money is important, but when cricket is played as a pro it happens sooner or later),what matters to a cricketer is cricket, and ther's no wrong in going places when one gets both cricket and money.

you're right Ottayan-- the development will no doubt increment the ICL popularity

23/09/2008, 13:11  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I am with you regarding recognising ICL players.

Other than the cricketers, there is no gain in polarising the Cricket fraternity.

23/09/2008, 17:44  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I am with you.Sadly the weak teams like NZ and Bangladesh have been hit the hardest.

23/09/2008, 17:45  
Blogger Ravindran said...

Since the things r happening in Bdesh team the effects will be minimal for now.. Wait for a similr thing to happen in a team like England or Pakistan to see the real domino effect.

23/09/2008, 20:22  

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