Expect nothing drastic from these new selectors

The new panel of selectors who are the first set to be paid a professional fee for their role may not do much to shake the status quo.
This panel consisting of Srikkanth, as the Chairman of the selectors, Yashpal Sharma, Narendra Hirwani, Raja Venkat and Surendra Bhave are unlikely to break new grounds.
It may surprise a few to learn that Srikkanth, a maverick batsman, is something of a tradionalist at heart. He is one of those irritating set of former cricketers who defends the sanctity of Tendulkar and considers him infallible. Similarly, he is one of those who are inept at playing board politics and may well succumb to the quota logic. However, this time around he has some powerful backers in the board, namely Srinivasan, who is not only the new secretary to the BCCI but also his boss at Chennai Super Kings. The least one can expect from him is to maintain status quo and provide sufficient leeway for the seniors to prolong their careers.
However, Yashpal Sharma who has returned as a selector may  well set the cat among the pigeons. Remember, he was a part of the Jagmohan Dalmiya dispensation three years ago and if he sets his mind, can quiver the pitch for the seniors. Unless he has changed his allegiances his return can mean only one thing, he is out there to look after Dalmiya's interests and this could spell the end of Ganguly.
The other three, barring Narendra Hirwani make up the numbers. Hirwani who was playing domestic cricket as recently as 2005, may harbor a few grudges and may look on this as an opportunities to twist the knife. Nevertheless, it is doubtful whether he will have his way.
This blogger fears that by the end of their tenure, this panel would have undone the work done by the earlier one and push back the development of Indian cricket by a decade.


Blogger Straight Point said...

easy my friend...easy...

on the contrary in think the are well versed of whats happening today and hirwani may certainly have better first hand info of whats going on at d-circuit...

they are not big names but will do as just fine if not better...

27/09/2008, 11:27  
Blogger Ravindran said...

We need someone like Sanjay Manjrekar to spade a spade. Yes there will be more sycophancy.

27/09/2008, 20:13  
Blogger SLOGGER said...

I will you tell one thing, Badri could consider him lucky. He will be in the senior team now. Though I am happy with it, the sad part is the regionalism in BCCI. The next 2 years will be good for Tamilnadu cricketers, Badani will be kicking himself now...

27/09/2008, 23:19  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I appreciate the trust you have in them, however, there are no strong personalities and hence can be easily rode rough shod.

28/09/2008, 08:17  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Manjrekar has put himself out of the game.

28/09/2008, 08:18  
Blogger Ottayan said...


You are correct, this could be a windfall for TN players. Sadly Badani will rue the day he jumped ship.

28/09/2008, 08:19  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Good post... I had the same kind of thoughts but you never know with the man called "kaataan"... will wait and watch but I have the same apprehensions.

30/09/2008, 13:27  

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