Delhi Blast and the Australian Press

Well the Australian press has latched on to an unknown Delhi cricket official's statement that "he wouldn't be surprised if the third Test against Australia was moved from the Indian capital." As usual, the rest of the rabid Australian press has latched on to it and are doing their best to drum up a fear psychosis.


One expects that they, the Australian press, will very soon carry a statement from an unnamed Australian player, that he fears for his life and follow it with another statement from the Players Association that they are closely watching the developments and will await their government's tour advisory and decide on whether to continue the tour.


The report that Cricket Australia has ruled out pushing for a relocation of the third Test has been lost in the midst of this cacophony. This blogger has resigned to the repeat of these reports until the end of the tour.







Blogger Neno Cricket said...

Australia playing minded game. Their is nothing bad to shift from delhi but the way they say is not good.

29/09/2008, 10:19  
Blogger Ottayan said...

I agree with you Neno. They just want to sensationalise it.

29/09/2008, 12:13  
Blogger Straight Point said...

you are right...we should not even bother about it...

29/09/2008, 15:36  
Anonymous Suave said...

You think it's wrong to be worried about playing cricket in a city where 22 people have just been blown up and 98 are seriously injured?

The number of deaths due to terrorist related bombings is up to over 100 since 2001 in New Delhi.

Stop the whining boys, and start imagining what it would be like to come from a country where it NEVER happens.

They also have to be seen to be consistent, which the press is doing. They rightly point out that it's just as dangerous to visit India as Pakistan whent the bombs are going off.

29/09/2008, 19:37  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Welcome back.

I agree to most of what you say. However, tell me which country is free from this outrage.

29/09/2008, 20:00  
Anonymous Suave said...


We're used to it in sunny London, them aussies never seem to get any at all.

29/09/2008, 20:27  
Blogger Ravindran said...

They would be justified in asking for a change of venue. We may be compelled to live amidst this chaos why shd they be forced to play in fear.

29/09/2008, 23:08  
Blogger Ottayan said...


But then they are an 'inconsequential' nation.

30/09/2008, 04:58  
Blogger Ottayan said...

That is a good point.

30/09/2008, 04:58  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

I guess it is up to them Otts... if they want they can play or leave... rest be assured after that there won't be much cricket that will be played in the world, especially on the much needed financial moolahs that need to be generated to support world cricket.

30/09/2008, 13:14  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Good point. If Australians leave then it is the end of International cricket. We will be left with IPL.

30/09/2008, 13:41  
Blogger Ravindran said...

At this rate Pakistan and India will be struck off the test centres list.No country will come here to play cricket. Then we will be playing in neutral venues and begging for sharing of spoils.

01/10/2008, 07:24  

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