A contrite Symonds vows to wear lip-gloss

Andrew Symonds has reiterated his intention to fight his way back into the team and has vowed to become a better person as a bonus.

“I’m going through the process of trying to improve and become not only a better cricketer but a better person.” thecae.com.au quoted Synods as saying.

Opposing teams that were rejoicing his banishment are now ruing the day.

An English bowler under the condition of anonymity said he was having nightmares at the thought of bowling to a lip-gloss wearing Symonds. Another unnamed Indian player said that he was cringing at the very thought of receiving a pat on the butt from him.

However, readers of this blog have uniformly expressed their disappointment at Symonds turning over a new leaf. In fact, they made bold to say that he has turned ‘precious’.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

finally sanity restored.

16/09/2008, 16:43  
Blogger Ottayan said...

What about parity? :)

16/09/2008, 17:05  

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