A case for dropping Dravid

The good folks at rediff.com have used Ace statistician Rajneesh Gupta's expertise to  present a statistical analysis of Dravid's performances in the last few years.

It emerges that ever since Dravid relinquished Test captaincy in 2007, his average has dipped to 34.

Before becoming full-time captain9115318787158.3027020385
During full-time captaincy stint20365159851.551464100
Since relinquishing captaincy1325375434.27111140

So how do we account for Dravid's inclusion and Ganguly's exclusion in the Zal Irani Cup?

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Blogger Straight Point said...

no stats can mask or reveal how labored he looked while getting those runs...clear sign of person who is unsure of himself...

even in oz his strike rate hovered around 20s way below his career strike rate...it seems that all his energy is consumed on survival...

and make no mistake about the fact that dravid excaped the axe with the margn of thin air and he too knows it...

it remains to be seen how he will soak the pressure and comes with different approach...

11/09/2008, 17:08  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Leaving Dravid aside, I wonder on what basis they dropped Ganguly.

11/09/2008, 19:09  
Blogger Homer said...


Dravid stayed because Kumble wanted him in the squad - fair enough, it is Kumble's neck on the chopping block when the team fails so it is his prerogative to lead the team he wants...

What is interesting is a year by year break down of Dravid's stats - did Dravid hit a prolonged purple patch between 2002 and 2007 and is in palpable decline or is the current form slump just a blip - I believe it is the former, but I have been wrong before :)


11/09/2008, 20:04  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Barring 2001, he has been averaging around 60 from the year 2000.

11/09/2008, 20:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ganguly gone because of BCCI politics.
Dravid stays because of Karnataka/ Captain politics.
Sachin cannot be touched because of Sharad Pawar's politics.
VVS Laxman says because of some miraculous politics.

12/09/2008, 06:23  

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