Bangladesh Cricket Administrators oblivious to what hit them

If like me, you believe that cricket administrators have their finger on the pulse of the game, then the admission by the Chairman of the Cricket Operations Committee, Bangladesh, Gazi Ashraf Hossain will astound you.


Referring to the sudden resignation of top Bangladeshi cricketers a perceptibly flabbergasted Hossain says:


"We are astonished at the sudden decision of the players. It was totally unexpected. We called them over the phone, sent text messages, but no one responded."


It is incredible that a Chairman of the Cricket Operations Committee is ignorant of the ground realities of Bangladesh cricket. Furthermore, if the Chairman was doing his job, his sources or links within the players rank would have given him a hint of this imminent upheaval.


In all probability, the Right Honorable Chairman was busy elsewhere.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bangladesh, going off naturally for good cause.

15/09/2008, 22:23  
Blogger SLOGGER said...

I heard couple of comments from Bangladeshi Cricketers stating that the board ignored them!!! First and foremost you have to produce some result then you can say that Board ignored you!!! I am not defending Bangladesh Board, like all politicians these cricketers try their best on how to cheat public. Come out and say openly that you are taking ICL option because the money is better...Well I guess until there are people who are willing to buy there will always people trying to sell...Right Otts...

16/09/2008, 01:42  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Do you mean good riddance, Buzzz?

16/09/2008, 06:12  
Blogger Ottayan said...


On the money. You have put it succinctly.

16/09/2008, 06:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news actually. Bangladesh team was nothing but an embarrassment to the cricket world. Now that all have joined the ICL, there would be a Bangladeshi audience for the tournament.

And we would be spared the one sided matches when someone plays them ;)

16/09/2008, 06:22  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Precisely Philip. ICL's intention is to create a Bangladeshi audience.

The Bangla Warrior's will help them achieve that.

16/09/2008, 07:16  

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