Why Cricket SA supports India

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Recently ECB tried to upstage India by promoting another League similar to the Champions League. At that time I had wondered on this blog whether Cricket Australia and Cricket SA Cricket would support India.
I need not have worried as in the end both the cricketing nations backed BCCI's Champions League.
Truth to be told, I was a bit perplexed at their support. The reason being, it was a heaven sent opportunity for them to stand up to the supposed dominance of the BCCI.
Anyway the truth is out, according to this report, "Three matches against India in Northern Ireland last year helped to substantially reduce the losses incurred by Cricket South Africa (CSA) in its last fiscal.CSA financial chief Hentie Wyk said here the loss of 16.3 million rands was much lower than the 72 million rands loss that had been budgeted."
If just 3 matches that too in played in Northern Island could reduce Cricket SA loss by 50 million rand, is it a wonder that they supported the BCCI.
It is evident that Cricket SA knows which side of the bread is buttered.

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