What did Dhoni mean?

On missing Sachin

Dhoni is quoted as saying that he missed the presence of Sachin,Sehwag and Ishant.

While one can readily grasp his reference to Sehwag and Ishant, one fails to understand his reference to Sachin.

Was he saying that he missed having Sachin in the dressing room or did he miss his batting?


Blogger Ravindran said...

He knows that he has to say something like this.Sehwag was in form when he left. Ishant was rested. Did u expect him to say that he was happy not to have out of form players in his team.If u look at it there is no need for saying any such thing when the team is doing well without these players. Nobody missed them.

31/08/2008, 15:41  
Blogger Ottayan said...

As you rightly said this is more a matter of compulsion to say something about them.

31/08/2008, 15:54  
Blogger Ravindran said...

Not them ,just him. Thats the in thing. Get me.

31/08/2008, 22:21  
Blogger Ottayan said...

I got it.

01/09/2008, 04:58  

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