One oldie gets the message

On Saurav Ganguly's one-day career

In a recent interview Saurav Ganguly provides a pragmatic answer to the frequently asked question:

Small Talk:Would you like to get back in the India one-day team and play for a few more years?
Saurav Ganguly: I don't think that's likely because they're looking at younger players.

Lets hope Ganguly takes another pragmatic decision.
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Blogger Ravindran said...

Am expecting similar one from the real wall of indian cricket.

29/08/2008, 22:30  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Despite his 'stonewalling, the 'wall is a goner.

30/08/2008, 06:32  
Blogger Sumit said...

i think that was a distortion by ganguly. they're not just looking for younger players, but better players in terms of current form and fitness.

30/08/2008, 11:46  
Blogger Ottayan said...



30/08/2008, 12:35  

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