Injured Dhawan out

On Shikhar Dhawan:

Shikhar Dhawan's IPL exploits had a lot of cricketing pundits earmarking him as a prospect. However, there was this doubt on his baility to play the longer version of the game.

Fortunately for him, his selection to play in the two three-day matches against the Australian A team provided him with the stage to prove his detractors wrong.

Sadly, an injured right thumb has ruled him out of both the games.

When will he get a similar opportunity?


Blogger Ravindran said...

Dhawan shd have replaced sehwag. As usaul they went for a makeshift opener.And we want to be tne best team in the world.

29/08/2008, 22:32  
Blogger Ottayan said...


The BCCI was saving air fare.

30/08/2008, 07:11  

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