India’s tour of New Zealand

The Indian cricket team starts it tour of New Zealand with a T20 International.
It then plays 5 ODI's and two Tests.
Do you think it is ideal to start a overseas tour by playing ODI's and then play Tests?

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Blogger Ravindran said...

T20 will take the shine of the other two.

29/08/2008, 09:30  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Also India has different teams for each format.

For example, for the T20, Yusuf Pathan is a certainty, but a doubtful starter for ODI's. Similarly, Parveen Kumar is a certainty for ODI's.

The worse follows, excepting Tendulkar,Dhoni and the bowlers no other Test players are a certainty for the ODI's.

So the sequence of the format is important on a overseas tour.

29/08/2008, 09:52  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

either way, playing in new zealan is far from ideal.

29/08/2008, 12:18  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Pls. elaborate.

29/08/2008, 12:36  

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