ICC accuses Cricket Australia of hiding behind Player’s Association.

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The conduct of Champions Trophy in Pakistan is proving divisive.

On one hand, the ICC stands accused of cowing to the powerful Asian bloc by insisting on Pakistan as the location. On the other hand, Cricket Australia stands accused of folding under the pressure brought on them by the powerful Player’s Association.

However, yesterday’s statement from the Player’s Association that they will not play in Pakistan has added a new twist to the story. ICC feels that Cricket Australia is using the Players Association to escape making a decision.

In fact, an ICC source, who refused to be named, questioned whether the governing boards were hiding behind their "players" so as not to further antagonise India and the powerful Asian bloc which effectively rules the game.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

if this really is the case,

then CA should take some advice from their english counterparts, instead of hiding behind players' back, they use their governments, i think that is smarter..

21/08/2008, 09:53  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

it is all so boring...; if those pussies don't want to play so be it... they can hide under their mama's skirts and still realized you can be killed in a road accident or struck by lightning.

21/08/2008, 11:28  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Good one. I kick myself for missing an opportunity to take a dig at the English.:)

21/08/2008, 11:45  
Blogger Ottayan said...

You are right Scorpi,these guys just do not want to play.

21/08/2008, 11:46  
Blogger Ravindran said...

NZ and SA may follow suit.

21/08/2008, 19:59  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Will it go ahead?

22/08/2008, 05:33  

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