Announcing ‘Spot the Ball Contest’ at In the Name of Cricket

Dear Readers,


Our cricketers are in peril. The cunning Sri Lankans are turning up in large numbers and intentionally jumping around when batsmen hit the ball in the air.


This, as our beleaguered Captain Dhoni points out, has made it impossible for our fielders to spot the ball. In fact, the Sri Lankans plan has been so successful that our beloved cricket team dropped five catches during the last ODI.


In order to help our team surmount this problem, we at In the Name of Cricket have decided to conduct a ‘Spot the Ball Contest’.


The contest is open to all readers and as it is of national importance, it is also open to the editor of this wonderful blog.


Contestants can participate by simply posting their suggestions on how best to spot the ball in our comment section.


We are also pleased to announce that ‘Sex Bomb’ Bipasha Basu has graciously agreed to a dinner with the winner.


Along with a date with Bipasha Basu, In the Name of Cricket is also happy to announce that the winner will also win a free two-night stay at a hospital. This prize comes courtesy of John Abraham.


Contestants should write in their suggestion before 12.30 p.m. on August 28, 2008.

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Blogger Ravindran said...

Dhoni has come out with a funny excuse. Does he prefer to play in an empty ground including IPL matches.

25/08/2008, 20:22  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Maybe he would prefer to see stadiums filled with his female fans. :)

26/08/2008, 06:18  

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