Venkatesh Prasad Talks Science or is it BS?

Venkatesh Prasad reflecting on what went on behind the scene in the selection of five bowlers for the 'bowl-out' talks science.


"You see, the idea is to pick guys with the straightest action, as in revolving around the principle of gaining the shortest distance between two points. Sometimes, regular bowlers can get the ball to swing automatically, so I had to take into account even that," he explains.


But then why did he choose Uthappa of all people?


"Actually Uthappa was the easiest choice for me, he has been consistent in our practice and there was no pressure on him. So it clicked perfectly," he says.


He also added that there was planning in the order in which India bowled in the bowl-out— and the parameter was confidence and to that may I add ice water in the veins and pride in playing for the country.





Blogger Soulberry said...

Street Science which is often a good, working science.

24/09/2007, 16:43  

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