Shoaib Akthar- looks like he was set up!

Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has been sent home from the World Twenty20 following a dressing-room bust up with team-mate Mohammad Asif.
Though my initial reaction on hearing it was that Shoaib deserved it as he had gone too far, subsequent reports on the tele makes me think he has been set up.
Reports now indicate that Shoaib had likened himself to Imran Khan to Afridi, who not only laughed it off but repeated it to Asif, who in turn found it funny. This infuriated Shoaib and he went after Asif with a bat, causing an injury to Asif's thigh.
Now here is where I am intrigued, Shoaib immediately apologised to Asif, but Asif took it up to the team management and as a result Shoaib was recalled back to Pakistan.
Looks like someone manipulated his hot temper and had extracted whatever they wanted.
Sounds a wee bit like a set up isn't it?


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