Multiple language commentary during India-Australia cricket series

The very thought is disheartening.

Neo Sports, the exclusive telecast rights holders of the upcoming ODI cricket series between India and Australia, will air commentary feeds in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu in addition to English during the tournament.

Somehow, commentators in the Provincial languages struggle to translate the excitement of the game. Whenever I watch a relay with Hindi commentary, I have a feeling that there is problem with the lip sync or worse I get the impression that I am watching a delayed live transmission. Needless to add, I cannot wait for the commentary in English to come on.

What do you feel?

Just read the news that “Geoffrey Boycott was voted as Britain's favourite cricket commentator by the Wisden Cricketer magazine”. Congratulations!

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Blogger Soulberry said...

Jasdev Singh likened commentary to the lingering aftertaste of a good meal.

Unfortunately, there aren't many who can translate that excitement as you say.

But, it does increase the reach and brings cricket closer to those who do not understand one language.

By the way, India takes on Pakistan today and I'm sure commentary will not be required to translate the images!

14/09/2007, 18:09  

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