Agarkar – a double agent?

I have always wondered whether Agarkar plays for us in the nature of a double agent. He takes a couple of wickets and lulls us into thinking that he is our man and then when we need him in the crunch he doles out runs by the ladle.

Is he a double-agent?

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Blogger Roxi said...

yes u r very right, Agarkar has been very inconsistent with his performance throughout his career.

That 19th over against PAK bowled by agarkar had changed the course of the match.

But luckily INDIA WON.

17/09/2007, 12:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No he is a triple agent. He also fields badly nowadays.Incidentally I dont like his ears.Do You

20/09/2007, 10:13  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

I dont like anything about him.

Never knew 'jug ears'were so decietful.

Hmm... it takes all kinds to make a double agent...sorry a triple agent.

22/09/2007, 09:43  
Blogger Soulberry said...

One of the best I've seen! Kudos Ottayan!

24/09/2007, 16:45  

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