Sreesanth- our mental disintegration weapon

Let us not bridle in Sreesanth. Lets hope the Indian team management realizes his value and let him loose.
Directly or indirectly, Sreesanth has played a major role in two of our recent overseas wins.

Far too long, we have been at the receiving end and knowing that we have a bowler who can give as well as he gets will add ‘spine’ to our batting. Surely, you will not see KP stepping up the pitch in a bid to unsettle, nor will you see others sweep our medium pacers.

Let us not be apologetic about having him in our team. Let his ‘bad boy’ image play on the oppositions mind. Let him not take a single wicket again in his career. Let us have him in our team as our mental disintegration weapon. Let the opposition know that we are not ‘jellybeans’ but hot spicy Indian ‘curry’. Let them know we are serious and mean business.

Let them know we here to kick arse!

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Blogger Paranoid.. said...

I somehow fail to agree with you on this. Well, agression (which some read verbal assault) nees to be complemented with performance. There's nothing against Sreesanth and nothing against the concept of sledging either, but I'm not sure if folks who do only the mouth work play on the opposition's minds at all.

01/09/2007, 11:01  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Obviously, you feel Sreesanth need to p-rove himself before he starts sledging.

My question to you will it be O K if he starts sledging after he takes 100 wickets?

01/09/2007, 12:31  

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