Who can coach India?

I am ambivalent about Graham Ford. I am not questioning his credentials. It is just that I cannot reconcile myself to accepting a not so successful player as a coach. Anything after Greg Chappell is a let down. (But Greg's results have been mixed and his man management skills were pathetic.)

Dav Whatmore is a good coach, but I have my doubts whether he can coach India or Pakistan.My scepticism is largely due to the fact that in these teams there are wheels within wheels.Also there are many factions in the cricketing establishment who play God to players.

When Whatmore took over Sri Lanka, there was Arjuna Ranatunga, who lorded it over others.( His brother is a hot shot politician).Others like Jayasuriya, Muralitharan, were just making their mark.Since there was only one power centre, it was easy to coach them. The same can be said of Bangladesh team.

When it comes to India or say Pakistan there is so many super stars in the team, with their own interests. Then there are former players who have enormous influence trying to score political points, extract revenge, settle their personal feuds and furthering their own interests.

I doubt whether Whatmore or Ford can navigate this minefield.

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