Where have the fast bowlers gone?

This is what we asked ourselves after watching Pietersons dismissal - out hit wicket. To readers searching for clues, Pieterson was out hit wicket after a sharp bouncer hit him on his helmet which in the process got dislodged and fell onto the stumps.

Watching the clip made us yearn for the glory days. Every delivery was watched with trepidition.Each delivery had the malice to break through a batsman's defense and render him senseless.Even a bowler like Michael Holding created the fear that anytime a bone would be broken.

Watching them in full flow was a thrill by itself. The thrill was overwhelming when the match was at a balance. Batsmen who stood up to to their barrages were our heroes.

Which brings us to the question, where are the fast bowlers?

At last count there were just two. One was Brett Lee and the other was Shoaib Akthar. But they don't consistently awe us as their predecessors.

(We have deliberately omitted Bond. He is fast but not furious.)

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