Hick- salute your spirit

It boggles my mind  to think of someone playing cricket day in and day out for more than two decades as a profession, and scoring 40,000 runs in the passing.

We can argue ourselves hoarse saying that it is his livelihood. But tell me which livelihood is as exacting as cricket? Living off cricket calls for peak physical fitness, finely honed skills, competing with younger players on equal terms and traveling the length and breadth of the country.

Moreover cricket is an unforgiving employer. A cricketer has to bat, bowl ( if he is bowler) and field with equal felicity. Even if you lag in one of the skills ( trying taking blinders at 40) the axe is sure to fall.

Surely to play cricket successfully for so long calls for unflagging spirit.

If, for nothing else, I envy Hick for that.

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